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Publishers and Periodicals

Cricket Magazine - I have written many stories for Cricket Magazine, a literary magazine for children. You can read them here.

Interlink Books - One of my publishers

Boyds Mills Press - Another one of my publishers

Tradewind Books - my Canadian publisher


John Shepler's nice synopsis of a young Einstein's fascination with the world around us, and how one gift in particular (the compass!) may have jump started this.

PBS - Nova companion site to it's 1996 Einstein Revealed broadcast. Has some good teacher resources.

AlbertEinstein.org The Jewish National & University Library - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem site. Has a section for kids.

AlbertEinstein.info - a joint project of the Albert Einstein Archives and the David and Fela Shapell Digitization Project at The Jewish National & University Library, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Einstein Papers Project at the California Institute of Technology.

Institute for Advanced Studies - Einstein accepted a position at the newly opened Princeton, New Jersey think tank in 1932 and continued his research there until his death in 1955. The Institute continues to bring together many of of the world's great minds. And it's on Einstein Drive!


The National Holocaust Museum - Washington, D.C. The Lily Cupboard can be found in the gift shop there.

The Holocaust Education Foundation - Education Resources for teachers


The Council on Islamic Education

The Islamic Foundation of North America

Yahoo! for kids Islamic social studies portal


National PTA's section about bullying, prevention, and what you can do about it.


AARP grandparents section.



Childrens Music Web - Resources for kids, parents, teachers, and performers.

The San Francisco Symphony Kid's Site - For kids of ALL ages...VERY interactive!


The Cousteau Society - The one and only.

University of Calgary - A clearinghouse of information and stories from their Children's Literature Web Guide

Univeristy of Pittsburgh - A comprehensive index linked to electronic texts