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Lilian Hoban illustration from Waiting for Noah

Waiting for Noah

Waiting for Noah

Illustrated by Lilian Hoban
1990, HarperCollins

One of my son's called to say our first granchild was on its way. This book recounts to Noah, "the baby that would be you" ( now 16!) what his Nana did during this day. The tale is a fiction, but the events were mine, and Noah, in the story, delights to hear again and again what Nana was up to while he was pushing his way into the light.


Nana tells Noah the story of the winter day her son called to say that Noah's mother had gone into labor. Now that he's a toddler, Noah loves to hear this special story time and again; his face shines with pleasure and anticipation on every page. Hoban's pastel crayon drawings are particularized enough to make the two characters interesting in themselves, while allowing readers to ask for their own coming-into-the-world stories. Details of cats, countryside, and kitchen add to the story's warmth and honest sentiment, and the warmed reds and oranges of the art convey Noah's delight at his arrival and his place in the world. An excellent addition to preschool collections
-- School Library Journal