Shulamith Levey Oppenheim


new work

The World Invisible

The World Invisible

2007, White River Press;
1984, Ace/Putnam

It lies in forest shadows, beneath the hills, and below the waves that pound so fiercely on Scotland's shores. It is a world of beauty, of magic, of icy creatures, wondrous beyond imagination. Beware! Do not cross its' boundaries or consort with its' denizens. Or you will never be content with the human world again...

(Original cover painting by Greta Gundersen)


Thank you for this story.
I purchased The World Invisible in the spring of 1988 from a used book store at the HUB Mall on the university campus in Edmonton. I was attracted by the cover; how else to pick a book in five minutes between classes? With my love away two months and two time zones east in St. Catharines, the mood of the story was a salve for my own.
I rediscovered the book *again* last week: hidden on a shelf in the basement behind a row of airport paperbacks. Its pages are yellowed and brittle, but the story is still as fresh and poignant as young love. I haven't been able to put it down, again.
Thank you, again.

-- Monroe from Edmonton